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July 22, 2019, 12:19:25 PM

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April 05, 2019, 12:35:07 PM

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April 01, 2019, 06:06:34 AM

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Gun B/S/T section / Colt M4a1 Block II
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:47:41 PM »
Colt Block II
Shooting right at 390 fps, optimized for semi use, as the fet is programmed for peak trigger response with both 7.4v and 11.1v lipo batteries.  Selector positions are safe, semi (7.4v), semi (11.1v).  If you’re looking for that next milsim ready build that’s nearly kosher for those SOF kits, this is the gun for you.

Externals:  Body, optic, and rail show use, but are in 80% condition or better
King arms M4a1 Body with the OG colt trades, discontinued.          $200
Daniel Defense Licensed RISII rail system                   $135
Tan Crane stock                           $10
Broom handle vertical grip                        $10
VFC QRF grip                              $27
KAC licensed iron sights                        $27
VFC V3X light                              $49
G&P selector                              $10
Daniel Defense 14.5 outer barrel                      $48
Eotech EXPS 3-2 replica, with sight protector               $64

TOTAL:                              $580

Internals: All are brand new, just installed.
VFC QCS gearbox shell                        $35
Siegetek 20:1 gears                           $135
BTC Spectre MkII Bluetooth                        $115
ASG 28TPA motor                           $60
SHS piston                              $12
SPEED piston head                           $25
Lonex tappet plate                           $9   
Lonex Cylinder head                           $12
Lonex m4 nozzle                           $9   
Lonex V2 springs                           $9
Modify ceramic bearings                        $30
SHS PTFE full cylinder                        $10
Guarder SP110 spring                        $13

Labor, includes parts installed, AOE correction, gears shimmed, tuning      $150

TOTAL:                              $625

Barrel set up:
Lonex hop up chamber                        $15
Prometheus blue bucking                           $15
ZCI 6.02x363 inner barrel                        $25
Flat hop                              $20

TOTAL:                              $75
Grand Total:                              $1280
Asking $750, which is under 60% of the retail.
I finished building the gearbox and barrel set up last night, 1/1/19.  Shooting vid and Chrono pics available upon request.  Price is for local meet up, I'm in Baton Rouge, but frequent the Northshore.  If I need to ship it, please add $50, as I insure all of my packages for the full retail amount.  Last time I shipped a fully build gun, the shipping was $40 for the shipping and $1000 worth of insurance.
Why so cheap?  A lot of this stuff I acquired over months, most of which I didn't pay full price for, so why should you?  If this build doesn't tickle your fancy, or if you're looking to get your own gun overhauled, send me a PM.  Don't think this gun is worth the cost? Prove it.  Build one for cheaper, then tell me your secrets!

Introductions / Hello!
« on: December 24, 2018, 07:36:21 PM »
Hi! I'm the nerf herder, and I herd nerfs.  My name is Stephen, and I run the games at LA Xtreme, I'm the head airsoft tech at Gunfighter pro shop.  I've been playing since 2005, and teching since 2011.  I build custom guns from the ground up for a reasonable rate that isn't umbrella pricing.  Got a gun that needs working on? I've worked on hundreds of peoples guns, and have experience with just about every model of gun thats available. 

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